How to use Magico remote app


Make sure your iPhone, Apple Watch, and smart TV or streamer are all connected to the same WiFi network.



Please note: When your Watch's screen turns off it will freeze Magico's functionality (just tap the watch to wake up).


That's why we recommend setting your Watch screen wake time to 70 sec.

Go to:

Settings > General > Wake Screen > Wake for 70 Seconds




Connecting Magico with your TV:


In Magico on your phone go to "Connect TV".

Choose your TV from the list of discovered devices.

(Make sure your TV, iPhone and Watch are all on the same WiFi).

A prompt will popup on your TV. Allow Magico to control it.

That's it!

Before you Start

We suggest finding an armrest for your hand. This will help to avoid hand fatigue and improve the overall experience.

Also, when using Magico for the first time we suggest taking it slow. Work slow, and then try to find the right rhythm that works best for you.

Learn the gestures


Lock & Unlock

When locked, Magico will not register your hand's movement.


To control your TV simply rotate your hand.