Welcome to Magico’s

Beta program!

We are very excited to have you on board with us, and are looking forward to your feedback!

Here you will find a short explanation and guidelines regarding our Beta. Please read it in full before you start using the app.


Thank you and enjoy! 


Please join us at our Discord channel!

This channel will be our main way of communication.

Of course, with anything regarding the Beta you can also contact us directly at: beta@magicho.com

Setting expectations

As we’ve mentioned, your feedback is the most crucial element for Magico’s success right now.


We're putting our hearts and souls into Magico, and we're sure that together with you, we will build something amazing!

In order for us to get your feedback, during the program we will have two kinds of surveys, daily and weekly.

We will send you these surveys via Discord.

Alrighty then... Set up Magico!

Before we start, please note that currently in order to use our app you need an Apple Watch and a Samsung Smart TV.


1. Start by signing up as a member.

  • Please make sure to sign up with your Apple ID email.

  • This will allow us to grant you permission to use Magico.


If you haven't already, join our



2. Download “TestFlight” on your iPhone from the app store. This is an official Apple app for beta testing.

3. You will receive an email with a link to a redemption code to use in Testflight.

Open TestFlight and insert the code.


*PLEASE NOTE: it make take a few hours for these email to arrive.

4. Install the Magico app.

6. Click Magicho (inside TestFlight) and make sure it is installed on the watch as well.

5. Inside TestFlight click on Magico and make sure it is installed on the watch as well.

6. Make sure on both your iPhone and Apple Watch you are connected to the same WiFi network as you Samsung Smart TV.

7. Open Magico app on both your iPhone and Apple Watch. 

On the phone, you should see a list of recognized TV devices. Choose the one you wish to connect Magico with.

After you select your TV, press "Save" on the Watch.

  • You should see a message prompt on the chosen TV “Connect to Magico”, press “allow” with your remote control.

  • If you have several TV devices available you can make sure you are connecting with the right one by identifying the prompt.

That’s it! Set up successful!

And now, using Magico

Set yourself in a comfortable position in front of your TV.

We recommend using an arm-rest for the first few times.


In order to get the best experience from the app we recommend you set your Watch screen wake time to 70 sec.

Do this by going to "Settings", then "General", then "Wake Screen". Scroll down and check "Wake for 70 Seconds".

Sensitivity Bar

You will notice the sensitivity bar at the button of the screen. You can use it to adjust the gesture sensitivity to your liking.

Learn the gestures

Magico has 2 states: "Control" and "Locked".

Surprisingly, "Control" state lets you operate your TV.

When you've finished your actions and don't want your movements to affect the TV anymore, switch to "Locked".

On the Watch face:




Move your hand up, down, left and right to navigate.

Pinch your fingers to "click" (select).

Raise your hand quickly for "home" (menu)

Move your hand horizontally towards yourself for "back".

Rotate the watch's crown to change the volume.

That's it!

Now, what are you waiting for?

You can throw away your dirty old remote control!


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